Cryptid Farm's Secret "FRIEND" Experiments Exposed! Here’s the Juicy Details

Cryptid Farm's Secret "FRIEND" Experiments Exposed! Here’s the Juicy Details

"THE TRUTH EXPOSED! Check out this footage of a Friend Farms scientist genetically engineering the first ever batch of the horrifically cuddly plush freakazoids known to us as FRIEND²! These creepy little fuzzballs may be as adorable as they are deadly, and the illusive group are intent on making sure their sickeningly sweet charm goes global!"

What that delightfully cringy flavour text out of the way, hey all! I really am overjoyed to see the overwhelmingly positive response to the FRIEND² line, when I released this first batch I had no idea they'd fly off my paint-stained shelves INSTANTLY! It's crazy to think that at this very point these creepy little plushies are spread out worldwide, and maybe that's for the best. We simply can't have the evil little sentient plushies gathering and developing ferocious plans, good thing they're not part of some kind of interdimensional hivemind...hehe.

Genuinely though I'd like to say a huge thankyou to everybody who's shown this line of art dolls support and to all those who've supported me since I started my humble Etsy store 2 years ago! I can't emphasize how much the notion of hundreds of my monstrous creations scattered internationally puts the biggest smile on my pasty little face.


And 5 batches in these teensy terrors continue to multiply, so if you want to bag a floofy fiend for yourself or perhaps as a gift for that unfortunate someone keep an eye on my store and Instagram to see when the next brood drops!


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