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DAEBERRY - Handpainted resin Gloomberry (Art Toy)

DAEBERRY - Handpainted resin Gloomberry (Art Toy)

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"A rare sight to most (though they may want to keep it that way), the Daeberry may only be witnessed occasionally emerging from the midnight lagoon to lure in unsuspecting Gloomberries to their watery demise..."

Actually that's not true at all, he'll most likely just splash black tar in your face and laugh at you. A true mildly inconvenient irritation of the sea"

Each Daeberry stands at a pixie-sized 3.2 inches tall from base to colossal head! They were originally sculpted in 3D before being printed in resin and painted up by hand in my signature 'Diluted' painting style.

Much care has been put into the durability of each of these little specimens however they are designed for display purposes only. Though the figures incorporate a metal armature fixing their bodies to the base and multiple coats of protective varnish they still must be treated with care and respect to keep your Gloomberry safe and content.

They're ready to ship as soon as they're purchased and will be snuggly packaged and shipped out to their new owner within 1-2 working days!

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