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Friend Farms

FRIEND Dark Abyss Flavour - Cryptid Art Doll Plush Toy

FRIEND Dark Abyss Flavour - Cryptid Art Doll Plush Toy

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"Need a refreshing frosty blast in this sweltering summer heat? Then try this frosty little pick me up. Oh and don't worry if you feel a sharp stabbing sensation, it's not ice shards! Just teeth!"

Friend² is a bite-sized 6 inches tall head to toe! Their crunchy little heads are synthesized (3D printed) in bio-material (resin) before being painted up alongside their soft plush host bodies by hand and airbrush. They're ready to ship as soon as they're purchased and itching for 'consumption' upon arrival... (Disclaimer: Friend Farms is not responsible for any household damage, bite marks or missing appendages as a result of Friend² ownership).

REAL DISCLAIMER: As yummy as they look, please don't actually bite your Friend². He won't like it, and you won't like the outcome.

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