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Shadow Crawler - KREBTOR: Custom Electronic Spider Furby Art Doll

Shadow Crawler - KREBTOR: Custom Electronic Spider Furby Art Doll

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Introducing the mesmerizing custom Furby Krebtor, an eight-eyed monster with MANDIBLES.

This animatronic art doll combines the charm of a Furby with the eerie allure of a spider, creating a truly unique and captivating addition to any collection of fantasy creature art dolls.

Standing at a compact 6 inches tall, this custom Furby is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind it. The sculpted parts, intricately crafted from 3D printed resin, bring the spider-inspired design to life with stunning realism. Each piece is carefully painted and varnished by hand, utilizing airbrush techniques to create a visually striking and hauntingly beautiful appearance.

Prepare to be enchanted as this custom Furby moves and talks, immersing you in its mesmerizing web. With its interactive features, this art doll captures the essence of both cuteness and creepiness, making it an exceptional collectible for fans of fantasy art dolls and lovers of unique creations.

Handmade with passion and care, this custom Furby is a one-of-a-kind (ooak) art doll, ensuring that you own a truly special piece that stands out among others. Its remarkable fusion of cute and creepy aesthetics makes it an ideal addition to collections of stuffed dolls and figurines or as a centerpiece in your home.

As a handmade gift, this custom Furby is a perfect choice for any occasion. Its personalized touch and attention to detail make it a thoughtful and unique present for friends, loved ones, or even as a Halloween surprise.

Please note: Whilst the Furby is most definitely in loud and obnoxiously screechy order as ever, these Furbies were out in the wild a long time before being cosmetically upgraded by yours truly (it's a wonder they managed to survive the enslaught of angry toddlers tossing them at walls and such). As a result they may sometimes exhibit odd behaviour due to the age of their inner circuitry (e.g. weird jittery movements every so often, sometimes talking without opening their mouths, taking a couple minutes to wake up after inserting 4x AA batteries etc.), but I like to think that just gives them a little more personality. But all in all just confirming whilst a little kooky they are tragically still very much alive.

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