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Experience the enigmatic allure of our 13-inch bespoke handmade art doll Holoth.

This OOAK creation merges meticulous craftsmanship with a touch of the extraordinary. Crafted with 3D printed resin, its intricately sculpted parts captivate the imagination. Each doll is expertly painted and varnished by hand and airbrush, showcasing exceptional attention to detail.

With its soft plush body, this art doll invites gentle exploration and tactile delight. Embrace the uniqueness of its alien form, a testament to the allure of the unknown.

Ready to ship within 1-2 days, this moth alien art doll is the perfect gift for those seeking alternative expressions of creativity. Its ethereal charm seamlessly blends into gothic decor and becomes a cherished addition to any collection of fantasy art dolls.

Capture the mystique of the Creepy Cute with this extraordinary creature. While devoid of a mouth, its presence evokes intrigue and curiosity. Let Holoth illuminate your imagination and inspire a world of possibilities.

Embrace the extraordinary and let this Handmade Moth Alien Art Doll flutter into your life, an exquisite fusion of artistry and imagination.

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