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Nefarious Nature - KREBTOR: Custom Electronic Spider Furby Art Doll

Nefarious Nature - KREBTOR: Custom Electronic Spider Furby Art Doll

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Introducing the mesmerizing custom Furby Krebtor, an eight-eyed monster with MANDIBLES.

This animatronic art doll combines the charm of a Furby with the eerie allure of a spider, creating a truly unique and captivating addition to any collection of fantasy creature art dolls.

Standing at a compact 6 inches tall, this custom Furby is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind it. The sculpted parts, intricately crafted from 3D printed resin, bring the spider-inspired design to life with stunning realism. Each piece is carefully painted and varnished by hand, utilizing airbrush techniques to create a visually striking and hauntingly beautiful appearance.

Handmade with passion and care, this custom Furby is a one-of-a-kind (ooak) art doll, ensuring that you own a truly special piece that stands out among others. Its remarkable fusion of cute and creepy aesthetics makes it an ideal addition to collections of stuffed dolls and figurines or as a centerpiece in your home.

As a handmade gift, this custom Furby is a perfect choice for any occasion. Its personalized touch and attention to detail make it a thoughtful and unique present for friends, loved ones, or even as a Halloween surprise.

Please note: This particular Furby is very inconsistent functionality wise. When you add 4x AA batteries it will turn on, light up and emit a few lines of dialogue (sometimes with a moving jaw) however most of the time it doesn't move so this guy is more of a display piece.

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