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The Cursed Medallion - Christorical Sonichu Inspired Necklace

The Cursed Medallion - Christorical Sonichu Inspired Necklace

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"Unfathomable woe and plentiful prickly wicklies will befall any who dare to don this cursed amulet of darkest demonics. Are you brave enough to wield such a powerful charm of Christory?"

The Cursed Medallion measures approximately 8.5cm in both height and width and is printed in a fuzzy (incredibly satisfying to touch) plastic material (no Crayola Model Magic this time).

The medallion comes pre-mounted on a 45-50cm long black necklace, so you can throw it on and damn yourself right out of the box!

Please note: I assure you by purchasing a medallion you are in no way supporting or financing the cursed entity that is Chris-chan nor do I condone their horrific back catalogue of unholy deeds. This product was made solely with haha-funnies in mind, and if you don't like that you can turn 360 degrees and walk away.

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